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Filesystem Corrupted After Low-Power Reboots?

I suspect this is a similar issue as several other threads on here have complained about strange behaviour after low power. My car battery has regularly been going below 6v.

Initially, I found the module had wiped its config and I was able to restore from backup. Happy days!

However, now I am unable to restore from backup, getting the following error: "Error: prepare failed: Permission denied"

Undeterred, I thought I would try flashing the firmware to another partition. No dice.

I then tried updating to build idf v3.3.4-849-g6e214dc335 Feb 24 2024 18:47:22 via the SDCard.

Still unable to restore from backup with same error.

I have then tried running the initial setup wizard... connects to server, all happy... but upon reboot, the module is back to a blank config. 

Is there a way to fully wipe or run fsck on the module?

Not sure if it is related, but I see this in the console logs after trying to restore backup:

I (87723) webcommand: HttpCommandStream[0x3f8b4c9c]: 3512644 bytes free, executing: config restore /sd/backup/cfg-2019-11-23.zip [redacted password]

W (87723) ssh: RSAKeyGenerator killed by request

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The message would indicate

The message would indicate some problem writing to the /store FAT file system. You can check with the shell whether that file system is readable (vfs ls /store) and writable (vfs mkdir /store/test). if not, then the only solution is esp32 tools to wipe the partition.

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