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This website blocked me for many hours on two days from registering

Hello. I have spend many hours on two days to get somehow registered to this forum. It is not legal in the EU to block users that try to protect their privacy.


Also all the error i came across was most unfair blocking as possible. The goal should be to not block new users who like privacy. The OVMS product is advertised for people who like privacy. To block exactly those from registering or even visiting this forum to read it, does not make sense.


The most unfair blocking was:

We're sorry!
We cannot let you access our website at this time.
Your IP address ( has been identified as a possible source of suspicious, robotic traffic and has been greylisted by Project Honeypot.
If you are an actual human visitor who can read simple instructions,
you may try getting whitelisted on https://www.openvehicles.com/httpbl/whitelist.


Why it was the most unfair blocking? Because when i clicked on https://www.openvehicles.com/httpbl/whitelist it told me:

Access denied


This is just unfair. You write "If you are an actual human visitor who can read simple instructions, ...". But directly blocking the link is telling a human that he is not a human. Because i can read and follow simple instructions.


The most annoying blocking was:


Error message

Your email address or username or IP address is blacklisted.


This error was completely useless. It does not tell me what i could even do. Or what is wrong with my registration. Or anything. It should at least tell the people what the real reason is so that they could try to work on it.


I wrote a private email to @dexter . Dexter told me i have to get in contact with a person named Mark. I dont know how to do so. I was also not able to find any email address on this website to get any help with the registration issues i had.

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We use 'Project Honeypot' to

We use 'Project Honeypot' to try to reduce the amount of spam on these forums. Even with that, some gets through, but it stops dozens of spammer sign-ups every day.

From the messages you provided, it appears that your IP has been blacklisted. You can check current status here:


It seems to be that you are using 'nothingtohide.nl', a privacy focused system/service. The problem is that the spammers are also using the same system - hence the blacklist.

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Moderator note: I had to

Moderator note: I had to delete a comment here because it contained a discussion regarding political views irrelevant to this forum or the content here. Please try to remain on-topic.

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