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App Wishlist

So i got OVMS for my Leaf and it works mostly great! but i do miss some things from the app:

1: Charge level slider. Now you have to go over to the feature list and edit the value there. In the website there is a slider but having one in the app would be great as i change this alot.

2: Charge timer. OVMS and the built-in timer function in the 24kWh Leaf does not work well together. Would be best to not use the car feature and set a timer in OVMS instead. Electricity is way cheaper during the night. This might have to be implemented in OVMS and not just the app though?

3: Climate on and Start Charging widgets. Coming from the MyLeaf app with these widgets i really miss them with OVMS.

Would gladly donate some money if a develope would fix some of these stuff on the app.

Great work on OVMS. Makes me want to keep my Leaf longer.