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Unable to connect to a 2012 Leaf

Hi everyone,

Newcomer here.

I've recently acquired an OVMS device to see how it would work with a 2012 Nissan Leaf. Unfortunately, after following the OVMS setup instructions, I am not receiving any data from the car through the device. I have the SIM, Server V2, and vehicle settings configured, and they all appear to be working correctly.

When I connected a PCAN, I noticed that no KWP2000 requests were being sent by the OVMS on the bus. For example, I can't find any trace of the request for the VIN (no frame with ID 0x797).

Does anyone have any insights into what might be happening?

Best regards,


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Are you using the NL cable

Are you using the NL cable (the one with "NL" on the cable)?

Other than that, worth checking 'can can1 status' and 'can can2 status' with the car on, to see if there is any traffic seen.

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