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Reset button?

So I just installed my OVMS a few days ago and twice now I've had to disconnect and reconnect it due to it hanging i.e. not talking to the cell network. This happens after being parked for a long time at a location with poor to no signal. Then hours after being where there is good signal it still does not reestablish signal without disconnecting and reconnecting the diag port.

When it's hung I get the two lights being both red and flashing together slowly. That's not a pattern described in the user guide. Any suggestions? It's a pain and probably not a good idea to do this reconnecting stuff a lot.

Oh. I get now that it's not

Oh. I get now that it's not two red lights, it only seems that way because the light is bright enough and the light is reflecting around within the box to make it look like two lights.
So I get that green light off and red light slowly blinking i.e. trying to reset the GSM connection, only it lasts for at least hours not the 30 seconds mentioned. This is with AT&T in the U.S. Maybe they have some different reset protocol? Grrr...

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Probably best to eMail the support email address with this and we'll see what the server sees. Green light off and red light blinking would be trying to connect to the modem and/or sim card. A search for cellular signal is red-green alternating.

Regards, Mark.

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