OVMS Hardware v2.0

We've come to the end of our initial batch of boards, and there are significant minimum-order-quantities for things like circuit boards, so we are taking the opportunity to switch to hardware v2.0.

This is not intended as an 'upgrade' for existing v1.x modules for roadster owners. The Tesla Roadster is covered, and work really well with v1.x hardware. New roadster owners will be able to use v2.x hardware as well, but there is no point in 'upgrading' from v1.x to v2.x hardware, for Roadster owners. The new v2.x hardware is primarily intended to make it easier so support other types of cars.

We're down to the last few v1.x modules - there was a recent unexpected rush of orders. So, today, we've taken down the hardware offering at www.openvehicles.com, until the v2.x hardware arrives. If someone _really_ needs a v1.x module, we still have some and can let you have it, but we really want to keep as many of the modules we have left as repair spares for existing owners.

We're just now entering prototype stage with the factory, so if anyone has any comments/suggestions please send them in. So long as the prototypes are ok, we should have production ready in 4-to-6 weeks.


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Damn! I guess I read about this too late. I have had my roadster for a year now and was hoping an iPhone control app and hw would be available. I had seen some people do this on their won but only saw there was an actual module to buy last night! I guess I might have to wait for the next version. What a shame! I am tech oriented and heavy into apple devices. This was a match made in heaven!

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Glad you managed to sneak in just under the wire and get yours. Hope you are having fun with it.

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As I would like to "chat" with my Roadster in the garage, while I am overseas on business trip, I sure am I keen to have such a gadget. (The app is already loaded and waiting too ;)

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The new design is progressing, and looking good. We should have prototypes any day now, and still on track for production units late July.

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I'm sorry I delayed and now find I can't order the HW :-(
I'd like to get my order in and just get it when it's ready.
Any way to do that with the order/cart down?

How can i get on the list to purches the new hardware? Is there any preorder will gladley pay up front? Let me know. :-)

When will you Release the New Version? Or can i buy a Old One ?

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Hello Folks,
Can you please post an update on when the new hardware will be available to order and deliver.

please let us know when we can order :-)

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Its now a week into August. Last update July 31.
Please let us know when a can order the new hardware.

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Its well into August now, I'm keen to buy this so just wondered if there is any news on when v2 might be available?

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I am also interested in one. When will it be available?