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Android app update from 3.0.3?

Hello Folks,
Glad to see the large screen phone (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note) issue #4 was resolved;
However, I dont see an update to the app on the Android playstore (app store).
Any idea when you'll be ready to update the app there?
Is there an updated ovms.apk file I could try via side loading in the meantime?

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We've still got a few issues

We've still got a few issues to resolve in the new Android App. You can build from source at the moment, but it is not feature complete. As well as fix the outstanding bugs, we're trying to improve the framework for future support and better compatibility with new phones. We are very very close to having a sideloadable version available, but hard to estimate exactly when. Days, perhaps weeks.


Where are the settings for server ip and password? They do not appear under the settings menu.

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The password is in Settings,

The password is in Settings, click the 'pen' icon next to your car.

Currently, the app only works with 'tmc.openvehicles.com' server.

I think the IOS app has more

I think the IOS app has more information than Android. Any help with it?

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What information are you

What information are you missing that is in iOS?

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