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Same message pushed twice?

Thanks for the great OVMS app. Each time a message is pushed to the OVMS app (android, beta 2 version). The message seems to be pushed twice. I can't find out the root cause of this behaviour.

I'm using the beta2 version of the OWMS android app
SonyEricsson Xperia Active
Android 4.0.4
Version numbers
App 3.1.2 (20130201)
car 2.2.3/RT/V2
server 2.2.3/RT/V2

Best regards,


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This is a problem with the

This is a problem with the switch from Play store App to side-load beta App. It appears that the App gets a new C2DM Android notification registration, but messages to the old notification will still come in.

Simply put: your old App (the play store one) and new App (side-loaded beta) both have registered for push notifications. Google sends the notifications to both, and they are both shown in the same App. You can repeat the same issue (make it worse!) by just uninstalling and reinstalling the App.

Short term solution is for us to drop the old notification registrations - which we do when they haven't been used for a week or so. Longer term, we're trying to see if there is a better way of doing this.

Regards, Mark.

I understand. Thanks for the

I understand. Thanks for the answer

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A nice technical summary of
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