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Requesting compatibility with the think city vehicle


I noticed this equipment software and hardware package coming from another website, and I was very excited to see how many electric vehicles this item supported.

I am wondering if the manufacturer's considering compatibility with the Think City electric car.

In a perfect world, I would so like to see this hardware design accept a wifi connection so that I can talk to my car when its parked in my garage.

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There has been some work on

There has been some work on the Think EV, but no experimental module yet. Each car is different, and we rely on enthusiastic owners to help out. We are not really a 'manufacturer' - just a hobbyist project, working on this open source system.

We have considered wifi (for the use-case you mention) and may include support for it in a future advanced hardware offering.

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Think City support

Instructions in a mixed english/norwegian thread:


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