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SMS Provisioning

I am trying to get my OVMS working in the UK with a GEOSim SIM card and am having issues. After 'activating' it in an unlocked mobile phone (which consisted of setting its profile to PRIME) I get it to initialise GSM. However, both in OVMS and the phone, SMS messages are not working, so I can't provision it yet.

So, my question is (while I wait for GEOSim to try and help me and explore other SIM options) can I use my regular (and definitely working) SIM to get the OVMS configured and provisioned? And can I then later swap it for another data SIM? Do you think this will cause any issues?



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Bet to eMail support (at)

Bet to eMail support (at) openvehicles (dot) com - as quicker than these forums.

In general, all the settings are stored in the module memory - the SMS is just used to configure those settings. So, there is no problem using another SIM to provision it, then swap out later.

Alternatively, if you have a RS232-USB adaptor you can connect a laptop to the DIAG port on the module and configure directly that way - eMail if you have such an adaptor and need help with that.

Regards, Mark.



Did you succeed? I'm using a Geosim too, with a i-Miev install. I have got SMS working but can't set up the GPRS side until I can get my APN details from Utility Warehouse (it's Sunday). If I can help, let me know. That said, I can't get any CAN data yet… I'm assuming there is a configuration setting or two missing yet. MW

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