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VA type details expected from 2012 Ampera

Firstly, what does PEM stand for?
I assume it is the charging control circuitry as the temp rises markedly during charging, but the battery temp does not vary much. Good news if they are real readings. Is the motor temperature yet to be added? Mine says Zero deg. It also says 158 mph on the car location icon which we know is not implemented yet.
I'd like to know if the other two readings are meaningful as they look like they are.

Getting notification not charging alerts when car plugged in in delayed charge mode. Some configuration control over these would be handy.

Tyre pressures remote monitoring and Lock/unlock/precondition commands like the key provides from short range, would be really nice to have.


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PEM stands for Power

PEM stands for Power Electronics Module - it is the block of electronics that handles charging and discharging the battery, as well as motor control.

For Volt/Ampera, motor temperature has not been added yet. The latest development firmware has it as 'transmission fluid temperature', which is as close as we can get.

The delayed charge mode alerts sounds like a bug. I'll raise it.

Understand about the nice-to-haves. We're having trouble finding these on the vehicle bus we are on, but continue to search.

Diagnostic codes


I get the same messages in delayed charging mode. When plugged in, the car periodically draws some juice from the charging pole. After this the messages is sent.

I came across a gm document containing thousands of diagnostic codes. I suspect you have it already, if not, would it be of any interest?


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We'll have a look at the notification problem. I think at the moment we look for a charge end with non-full SOC.

For the gm codes, that may be useful. Can you send to mark @ this website domain.

Thanks, Mark

Hi! I want to know the

Hi! I want to know the interior temp, or cabin temp. But when car is parked in the sun, the interior hs 60º or 70º degrees.

I´ve OBD MX and I run the command "start climate" but i want to know the interior temp.

I dont know if we know the PID valor or if is possible to add a sensor like DHT11 and send the value via OVMS.


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