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U.k. Ampera installation instructions?

I see Ampera/volt is listed in the supported vehicles list but I can't find any practical vehicle connection instructions. I don't even know where the connector is sited. I'd like to get involved with OVMS but I'm a bit past being a first time experimenter.

Has anyone already succeeded?

I'm going to install when my

I'm going to install when my Volt arrives in 4-5 weeks from now. Will post my experience.

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For the moment, the easiest

For the moment, the easiest is to join the developers mailing list, as volt/ampera support is still labelled 'experimental'. There are developers/users there who have already installed this successfully and they can assist.

U.k. Ampera installation instructions?

Hi oerlemans !

You can visit http://www.opel-ampera-forum.de for some information, but it is in german ^^
(One of) The OBD/Canbus-connector in the Ampera is located in the driver footwell on the left side close to the thing that opens the trunk.


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Is like Tesla Roadster

There is no difference to the Roadster installation, as far as I experianced ... only the example on page 19 of the user guide should be
with the "VA" as important tag for us, I guess its a VoltAmpere thing ... ;-)
Greetings Michael

Unable to get data mode working

Followed all steps same as Nikki GB for her volt with her help and configured the globalsim to the right profile for sure and set the right APN for sure and get SMS comms but no connect from module to server.
Oddly- fault light tends to blink 9 times - one more than the guide has reasons for.
Sending SERVER? Text gets meaningful response but with not connected on the GPRS with code (0x0042)
Sending GPRS? Gets similar
Sending STAT? Gets not charging , o miles message.
iPhone app never gets green arial icon.

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Can you contact support (at)

Can you contact support (at) openvehicles (dot) com with the folowing:

1] Vehicle ID and www.openvehicles.com user ID.

2] Copy-and-paste results for:

3] Triple-check all passwords and usernames.

4] Make sure App can connect (albeit getting a red flashing icon, but not gray) with the same server username and password as entered into the module and shown in the above SMS output.

5] Make sure there is at least US$6 on the data plan.

6] Make sure the GSM/GPRS switch is in GPRS position (pushed towards centre of board).

7] Make sure GeoSIM is activated and on the global profile.

99.9% of the time the problem is either [3] or [5].

If none of that works, send in the above to support@openvehicles.com along with the

Regards, Mark.


Thanks for all your help. It was initially one of the passwords as you suspected and then proved from the server logs. I was so sure they were all the same password. That auto-caps can be a bummer.
Sorry about the trouble after that. I have heard that all phones in the area were off signal for a few hours while upgrades to cell repeaters were being performed, so that's why it seemed to have broken.
Very pleased to have it working.

No SOC info on Chevy Volt

On my Chevy Volt I've got everything working via SMS and the iPhone App. I get GPS position and a green antenna in the app but I don't get any SOC info. Ditto with SMS. I get:
Not Charging ----(correct)
SOC: 0% ----- (not correct)
ODO 0.0 mi----- (not correct)

Volt is a UK right hand drive model and I've tried connecting to both ODB sockets in the car (just in case it's different with RHD models).

Any ideas?

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Can you try to check that

Can you try to check that vehicle type is set to VA and that CAN_WRITE feature is set to 1? If still not working, contact the support eMail address and we'll work through it with you.

Also no SOC

Did this actually get sorted? I have the same condition at the moment and have the Vehicle Type set (had to comb through a bit of info to get the details) and CAN_WRITE set to 1. I can see the GPS position of the car and have SMS contact, but the GPRS status of 0x0022 puzzles me a bit. Data seems to be flowing...

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For Volt/Ampera, vehicle type

For Volt/Ampera, vehicle type should be VA, CAN_WRITE should be 1. Make sure the GSM/GPRS switch on the board is towards the centre of the board (GPRS mode). Also, make sure you are in the correct OBDII port.

If it is still not working for you, please send details (SMS MODULE? SERVER? GPRS? STAT DIAG replies) to support (at) openvehicles (dot) com.

Correct OBDII port?

Which one is it? the one above the Drivers Left foot or in the right hand access panel (Right hand drive Volt).


Steve Gadd

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I am told it is the connector

I am told it is the connector under the wheel on the right-hand side (drivers side).

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