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No recibo notificaciones

He instalado el v.3 en un Opel Ampera y no recibo notificaciones, por ejemplo de que se ha desconectado. En la configuración tengo los sms activado. Alguien sabe porque puede ser? Tengo la última versión de firmware 0.8

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We've raised a support ticket

We've raised a support ticket for you for this.

What version of firmware are you running?

Note that the Ampera/Volt firmware is not complete at the moment. Please see:

(the known issues shown in the ovms v3 links on the right of this page)

We are working on it, and have some experimental rudimentary support, but it is not complete.

Javier Baena
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Check pass to server in app.

Check pass to server in app.

Revisa las contraseñas en la app, del servidor y número de teléfono vinculado.

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