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Mercedes Smart 451

Mercedes shuts down the vehicle homepate so for the 451 ther is no possibility to control the car online. Lots of user are searching for alternatives:

There are a lot of tinker solutions but for me it would be much better to use a professional base like OVMS.

Odyssey from Germany found a lot of CAN ID and Messages for this car and made a small toll to chekc battery data. Documented here: https://github.com/MyLab-odyssey/ED_BMSdiag

They also found a solution to seht the preconditioning https://github.com/MyLab-odyssey/ED_BMSdiag/issues/17

If there is a programmer who will implement the code for the smart, i can buy a hardware and test the program.

I am not a programmer but i make small applications with arduino, so i can read codes and make small changes.

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Regarding the Mercedes Smart

Regarding the Mercedes Smart 451, we don’t currently have any support for that vehicle module in OVMS. In general, to support a new vehicle module we need:

1. A physical connection to the vehicle CAN bus (normally via OBDII, but some vehicles have custom connectors).

2. Decoding of the CAN bus data messages, for the OVMS metrics (things like charge state, speed, drive gear, state of charge, etc).

3. A developer to write the vehicle support module that takes the CAN bus messages, and reformats them to OVMS metrics.

In general, #2 is the hardest. Some cars have a lot of public information on these messages, so are relatively simple to implement. Others have nothing published, so a lot of work is required to find the necessary information.

But, we do require a developer to do the implementation.

The developer's mailing list is here:


and the developer's guide is here:


smart 451 ED

I have working on this for a little while now, unfortunately due to having a broken ElectricDrive this has slowed my progress substantially. I will be pushing my initial commit soon. At present we can only monitor basic things such as charge percentage, 12v system etc. It isn't like the original app yet as I am still working on the best way to represent the Eco-scores. As for the preconditioning, this is something I am having a lot of issues with and am still hoping on some good will from smart.

I hope that helps

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Great news. Let us know on

Great news. Let us know on the developer's mailing list if you need anything.

For new vehicles, it is good to just grow from the ground up. Start with something simple, and expand on that base.

I have also implemented some

I have also implemented some things, i am just waiting for my OBD2 cable, then i can test it.
Would it make senes to compare our 2 solutions. Can you send me your vehicle files or should is send my files to you?

Ooh yes please, you may of

Ooh yes please, you may of thought of some things I haven't done. I have my in my own GIT if you want to have a look over it or send over what you have


... Just spotted it the GIT repo, I'll add what I have done


hello wildfire, I am hoping for an update to your post from last year... Concerning the eco scores - forget about them. They add no value. What matters is the remote PREHEATING. And a possibility to check on the charge progress. And even that is second place, as it does not go faster by checking on it. What you may find out is that someone pulled your plug.

greetings, Leif

So I have had a stable build

So I have had a stable build for a while, Charge state monitoring is working fine, however Preheating I am still having issues with. (Was hoping to get information from smart, but this hasn't happened) I was also having an issue where the bus was being woken up all the time and causing excess draw on the 12v/HV system.

However I've had to temporarily stop development as my ED now has a more serious issue at the moment. Has been with Mercedes since New Year (although has had issues since September). As soon as I get the car back I will be able to make sure the latest updates to the code work correctly and get it pushed out.


Hi, can i get your code to

Hi, can i get your code to see what you have?

OVMS v3 new vehicle smart 451 ED

- New vehicle: Smart ED (adaption by Martin Graml ) copied from this homepage news 19.1.2019

Does that mean that the smart can be fully supported in terms of remotely controlling the state of charge and preheating?
That would be phenomenal !

I would like to know the same

I would like to know the same thing. I'm considering building my own kit based on an effort on a German site or just buying this kit if the Smart ED is supported.

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This project develops in the

This project develops in the open. You can find the current code for Smart ED here:


Vehicle support for Smart ED is still very rudimentary, but a good foundation is there. If anyone is able / willing to help, please step forward.

Regards, Mark.

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