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Tire Pressure on a 2011 Leaf

I can't get the tire pressure (TPMS command) to work even though it is supported/mentioned in the feature list. In fact, it doesn't even show up in the 'car' picture of the app. What am I missing? What controls the icons/features in the app? Do I need to purchase additional hardware?

When I manually type in the command/message, I get a 'not supported' message. I would assume all the Leaf functions have been added to the code after this many years.

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Metrics Command

I figured out a solution (using the "message") function so I thought I'd post. The good news is no extra hardware (or TPMS codes) are needed.

Their are 2 commands that will retrieve the tire pressures (which you then convert from kPa to PSI):

  • tpms status
  • metrics list v.t.pressure

I don't know why this hasn't been added to the car diagram in the app...and if I could modify/program the Nissan Leaf profile (for the app) I would...but I don't know how.

Change from kPa to PSI?

Is it possible to change the value from kPa to PSI? I know there was a field to change kilometers to miles.

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If there is, I haven't found

If there is, I haven't found it (so I just convert on my phone); I'm actually more concerned about the "order" of the tire pressures.

Things like LeafSpy allow you to identify/change the associated pressures, because there's no gurantee the tires are in the order that OVMS thinks they are (RL,FL,FR,RR).


The Android app does the

The Android app does the conversion and displays the data in psi in the "Car" UI. If you submit a command line request in Messages, it returns in kPA for Android and iOS.

It's a good question on how it determines tire location. I suppose the car could use multi antenna triangulation to determine the relative position of each sensor, but that seems overly complex.

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I think whoever wrote the app

I think whoever wrote the app just assumed the "default" order I listed.

It looks like another instance where the Android app is different (superior) to the iOS app...and I don't understand why.

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