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Tire Pressure on a 2011 Leaf

I can't get the tire pressure (TPMS command) to work even though it is supported/mentioned in the feature list. In fact, it doesn't even show up in the 'car' picture of the app. What am I missing? What controls the icons/features in the app? Do I need to purchase additional hardware?

When I manually type in the command/message, I get a 'not supported' message. I would assume all the Leaf functions have been added to the code after this many years.

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Metrics Command

I figured out a solution (using the "message") function so I thought I'd post. The good news is no extra hardware (or TPMS codes) are needed.

Their are 2 commands that will retrieve the tire pressures (which you then convert from kPa to PSI):

  • tpms status
  • metrics list v.t.pressure

I don't know why this hasn't been added to the car diagram in the app...and if I could modify/program the Nissan Leaf profile (for the app) I would...but I don't know how.

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