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Installed in 2016 leaf SL and have questions.

First of all. I'm a newbie to anything car related or computer programming. After watching several you tube videos. I was able to Install the module And disconnect the TCU.  So now the module works fine as long as it is connected to my home wifi. I can lock/unlock doors, start/stop charging  and turn on and off the AC. It does not have to be plugged in.  ( I did lose voice recognition in the car, but Im fine with that). However once I am out and about  those features ( lock, AC, etc) no longer work. I have the Hologram card activated and thought that was to allow for continuous wifi so those features would work.  What did I get wrong?

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You need to check 'cellular

You need to check 'cellular status' to ensure that the cellular connection is actually working.Also make sure the cellular component is set to auto-start.

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You should be able to monitor

You should be able to monitor connectivity from your Hologram account also; if you aren't "connected" (or showing data), then something isn't configured/working with the modem.

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Hologram shows zero gb, but

Hologram shows zero gb, but app shows correct mileage and allows me to remote lock/ unlock and turn on AC as long as I am in my driveway. 

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Do I do that from the app? Or

Do I do that from the app? Or desktop? If from desktop- do I have to unplug the OVMS from the car and connect to desktop?  I heard about leafspy . Is that app worth getting? And which version- regular, lite or pro?

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Lots of questions; I'll try

Lots of questions; I'll try to separate.

1) The Hologram monitoring is done from a web (PC) interface; if you have a SIM you should have an account (to pay, etc.). You never connect OVMS "to the desktop" (unless you are talking about the WiFi connection when configuring).

2) LeafSpy Pro is worth getting (one-time app purchase) if you want to monitor battery characteristics and/or read/clear DTC's. It is probably the single most useful app/program ever designed for the Leaf.

Note: you also need to purchase an ELM327 compatible ODB-II dongle to use LeafSpy (http://www.carscanner.info/choosing-obdii-adapter/)

I'm about to embark on the

I'm about to embark on the same journey as you hdinnc. I also have a 2016 Leaf SL. 

One question I'm curious about that you should be able to help with, I was reading this page https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/components/vehicle_nissanleaf/docs/index.html#id11 and it lists two different modules potentially for the 2016 leaf?

AZE0-0/1 and AZE0-2, The latter saying that it does not support remote climate control if the car is not being actively charged?

What was your experience, which of these modules did your car have? Is it truly unable to be climate controlled unless charging?

The OVMS module is the same.

The OVMS module is the same. These are the Leaf models, and for 2016, they changed mid-year, so you can have ether one or the other. So if you have the AZE0-2, you have to wake it first with the remote in order to execute a command through the app. You also have to disconnect the OTM (which disconnects the microphone of the car or something). I just installed an OVMS in a 2017 Leaf and will not do this as I do not plan to use the climate function. I am yet to try the Stop Charge function (for which the car will be awake anyway).

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