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Increasing # of crashes on edge firmware

Looks like 122 is generating a lot more crashes. Any way to troubleshoot and send logs for analysis?

I also started losing access to the module, even via WiFi (gets non-responsive). Need to disconnect and connect again. Glad to collect info.

Looks like it stopped after

Looks like it stopped after version 122. Currently using 130 and it is stable (although not showing SOC data for my Kia Soul EV... reported in the specific vehicle sub-forum).

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Increasing # of crashes on edge firmware

Thanks for reporting, but your crashes are unrelated to firmware changes, there were none in generally used code and none in the Kia Soul module from -122 to -130.

So, what could explain those

So, what could explain those crashes? WiFi? Power? LTE? Is there something I can do to evaluate possible root cause?


What state is your 12V

What state is your 12V battery in? 

My installation had lots of crashes until I replaced the (rather ill) SLA in my imiev



Battery is fine. This

Battery is fine. This happened only with 122 firmware. I haven't got any other crashes reported.

I will keep an eye and see if it happens again. Thank you dexter and stoatwblr for the inputs!

FWIW the crashes have

FWIW the crashes have actually continued on my unit even after replacing the battery (they dropped off, then picked up in frequency again).

I ended up having to factory reset and reconfigure from scratch.

My suspicion is filesystem corruption. The SDcard got repeatedly damaged to the point of needing external FSCKing and the onboard flash uses the same FAT filesystem. 

I believe that an onboard dosfsck should be used - or even better, switching to f2fs as it's journalled and resistant to corruption



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