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I have the google sheets list of all PIDs that the community compiled (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...H6I/edit#gid=0), but a lot of them are unclear to me.

So far: Fuel Level, Fuel Remaining, SOC, Speed, chargewatt, and lastcharge Wh seem to be the most useful ones.

I hope they can compile in future firms.
I have OPEL AMPERA with OVMS v3 and it could be a beta tester for you.
Thank you. I wait for your news

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Your link seems to be broken.

Your link seems to be broken. Can you re-send it?

I have this:

I have this:

This are the known IDs so far:

0C9 Byte 5 Accelerator 0 (0%) to 254 (100%)
0F1 Byte 2 Brake 0 (0%) to Unknown (254?) Typical pressure on brake pedal generates about 30.
135 Byte 1 Drive Position 0=Park, 1=Neutral, 2=Drive/L, 3=Reverse
1A1 Byte 8 Accelerator 0 (0%) to 254 (100%)
1C3 Byte 8 Accelerator 0 (0%) to 254 (100%)
1EF Bytes 3-4 Gas Engine RPM RPM
1F5 Byte 4 Shift Position PRNDL 1=Park, 2=Reverse, N=Neutral, D=Drive, L=Low
206 Bytes 1-2 Battery SOC .250kWh Units possibly .244kWh
32A Bytes 1-4 GPS Latitude Milliarcseconds
32A Bytes 5-8 GPS Longitude Milliarcseconds
3E9 Bytes 1-2 Speed 1/100 MPH 55MPH would be 5500 (0x157c)



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You can see the current code

You can see the current code here:


I don't see much in that spreadsheet that is of use to us. Is there anything in particular in the spreadsheet that we don't have already that would be useful to you?

I am more interested in codes for pre-heat, door lock/unlock, charging control, etc.


I do not understand much of codes, but I would like to join my force (And my Opel Ampera) to continue developing the Firmware

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