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Kia Soul EV 2019


I was wondering when the app will be fully fledged for Kias Soul EV (old one). I can see the battery status and all of that but SOH and other features are not active. The PID:s are available and Torque Pro can see everything (if set up properly).

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We have some developers

We have some developers working in Kia support, but not very active. Basic functionality is there.

What functions are you missing, and what are the PIDs that provide that data? If you have a reference URL or document for the PIDs, that is public, that would be helpful.

Kia Soul EV PID

I saw that it gets the SOH and tire pressure etc but it just lags a bit. :)
The PID:s are here: https://github.com/langemand/SoulEVSpy/blob/master/README.md?fbclid=IwAR...

PIN code

I'm struggling to get the lock/unlock of the car to work. Is it enabled in the Kia Soul?

It works for me most of the

It works for me most of the time. Sometimes, it decides it doesn't want to work. I don't know why.

Is any progress being made on

Is any progress being made on Soul support? I'm very interested in this for our Hyundai Ioniq BEV (which share's most of it's PID's with the Soul, so if there's good Soul support...there should be good Ioniq support) but it's sounding like it's somewhat hit and miss at this point?

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There is quite extensive

There is quite extensive support for Kia Soul EV. 2x CAN buses, and a lot of PIDs supported.


I mounted ovms in Soul ev. Most things work great, just SOH and opening the charging door doesn't work well. SOH it says 60% and i know it is not, and the filler door does not open when i press hold button on key fob. It’s possible to make new FW with this bug fixes?


As it seems that many things are available from Torque Pro, with available config files, is there a way to use that to update the eNiro and Soul EV files for OVMS ?

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