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Iphone App

I messed with the iphone app for hours and could never get it to connect to my smart car. Then I installed it on an Android phone and was able to set it up right away and it worked fine. The difference between the two apps was the Android app had a place to put the server I wanted to use but the iphone did not. Any ideas? Am I missing something with the iphone app?

Iphone App

For iPhone, the server setting is in the iOS Settings App (the gray gears App on the home screen of your phone), not in the ovms app. You will find a “Open Vehicles” area in that.

hope that helps, i donn't own a iphone


That solved my problem too! Thank you!

I kept trying to find the setting in the app, where all of the other vehicle settings are.

I can't get used to app settings being hidden in the phone settings menu on iphone.


I have been wrapping my head around this since yesterday, and your solution solved it for me. Maybe it's for a reason, but this looks like poor app design to me.

Thank you very much though! :)

Thanks so much. that did it.

Thanks so much. that did it. Been using Android forever until I found a great deal on a Iphone 6+ Been using it for a few months and no idea why everyone likes Iphones. Will be going back to Android soon. :)

Michel Valiquette
Climate control for Nissan Leaf SL 2015 with iOS app

I'm looking for help to understand how climate control works on the iOS app. I have a Nissan Leaf SL 2015, follow rigorously all the instructions for installation, disconnected the telemetrics cable. So far I can only start/stop climate control by typing "climatecontrol on (or) off" in the messages. I have no A/C button in the car menu. Can someone also tell me the meaning of all the pictograms in the car menu? Lots of stuff I'm not sure what it means. Thanks!

Maybe a bit late, but I'm new

Maybe a bit late, but I'm new here today. I have a 2015 Nissan Leaf Tekna, and for me it works to press the "Homelink" button and the number 1 option in the iOS app.

I have removed the TCU unit completely as well.

Same for me. Someone knows

Same for me. Someone knows when the iOS app will get the same icons that the Android app has, like the A/C button?

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