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Hologram SIM card stopping working

I manage OVMS for 6 vehicles, all use Hologram. Over the past few months I've had Hologram SIM cards 3/6 vehicles stop working, OVMS displays the following status (see screenshot below). The only fix I found for this was to replace the SIM card with a one. Has anyone else experience this? Until now all vehicles had been working fine for a number of years. Hologram are not reporting any issues on my account or with the individual SIM cards. 




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Never seen this myself, or

Never seen this myself, or heard of it.

is that in Canada?.  I got an

is that in Canada?.  I got an email last week from Hologram saying that starting Oct  1st. Roger will not be supported anymore in Canada and they will have Telus and Bell support.  A new sim was required free of charge.

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