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Command line documentation

It may be a stupid question, but I was not able to locate the documentation for the commands that can be used in the shell.

Some commands are trvial but for example the RE enviroment is not that straight forward, at least for me. Is there a place here or on Github where I can find some documentation on commands and their arguments ?

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Command line documentation

Help on documentation is very welcome.

Most commands try to explain themselves briefly when called with "?". For complex features, a section is meant to be added to the user guide. That can be done very easily by adding RST files to the component, but many developers tend to see that as optional work for technical tools, or as something that should be done later (when all features have been implemented).

The RE toolkit, although without substantial changes lately, is still marked as work in progress. You can find info on the usage in the developer mailing list archives, but you will probably need to read the source to find all details.


Can you give me a link for

Can you give me a link for the developer mailing list archive ?

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Connect with us

Connect with us

Connect to other OVMS developers using our mailing list


Yeah this is one of my great

Yeah this is one of my great frustrations too. Typing ? and getting an answer is nice but it's not exactly a look-uppable solution. A simple document with all the commands and all the parameters would be great. I'd be happy to help put that together if someone hands me the 'data'

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I think it would be hard to

I think it would be hard to have a single document for this. Even harder to maintain it.

The OVMS system is modular, with each module typically maintained by different developers. The documentation is in RST format and is built into the docs.openvehicles.com site automatically (hooked into the github commit cycle).

Anyone contributing to the project can contribute documentation, and I would be willing to encourage and help with that.

P.S. The RE system is still very experimental and a work-in-progress. There have been some discussions on the developers mailing list, but no formal documentation at the moment (and unlikely to happen until the system matures, stabilises, and gets less experimental). Things like CAN logging are more mature and stable, and are documented.

I hope somebody can tell me

I hope somebody can tell me what kind of message is actually sent over the canbus when the following tester present command is used: re obdii tester start 1 7df 2

According to the syntax the tester present message is sent over bus 1 every 2 seconds to the broadcast address. What is unclear to me is what message is sent: is it the 0x3e mode? Or is it something else? Is there another way, not using the re framework to send the 0x3e message to a specific ecu or to the broadcast address?

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