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Able to use functions on the NV200 24kwh

Hi All,


Im after a bit of help. Ive just got the system connected to the car fine where i can view the status of it  but unable to do anything .

Now where I try to do anything to the van (AC...Lock..Heat etc etc) It just keeps failing.

Maybe just a setting etc but any help would be good..

I also get the vehicle transported while parked messages too but thats not as imported as the above.



Hi Steve,

Hi Steve,

I'm not sure about your model (I have the 40kWh version), but you need to do two things:

1. Enable CAN writes on the OVMS web interface (in the Nissan Leaf > Features menu), indicating the model year of your van;

2. Disconnect the Nissan TCU box. It's the Nissan Telematics Unit, on LHD cars it's located behind the glove compartment, on the rightmost side of the firewall, on a bracket.

Please note that in some models, disconnecting the TCU makes the integrated hands-free microphone stop working.

I hope this helps!



Great thanks. Managed to get the AC on by enable the can writes. Still cant lock the doors etc but can live with that.

Thanks alot for your help.


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