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Citroen AMI Support

Is there anyone interested in develop the module supporting the AMI? I'm trying also to get technical specifications (controller type and model) of the minicar with no success. Any help is appreciated

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Have you already bought it,

Have you already bought it, how's the AMI going, is it more comfortable than the Twizy?
I'm waiting for it to arrive, first impressions?


I have ordered it, but I had

I have ordered it, but I had a test drive. I owned a Twizy and the ami is way more comfortable than twizy. A little noisy (but also twizy was), but it has real doors, widows and also some storage space.

It only miss OVMS integration. I hope someone would add it. When it willa arrive I would try to figure out how to...

Actually is missing of technical specs (mainly fo the controller). 

Hi. I am new to the site. I

Hi. I am new to the site. I was wondering if there is any information available on changing the speed of the Ami? Any help would be very much appreciated.


No news about technical specifications for engine controller. Is there anyone who can have access to maintenance manuals?

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