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iOS app notifications stopped ?

For almost year now,

I've had the OVMS unit installed in my Tesla Roadster, with my home grown javascript runnign on it via Duktape. Has been working rock-solid.

Messages from the OVMS unit (including from my script), would make their way to the iOS app on my iPhone, and I nicely configured the notifcaitons for the OVMS app, to gey my attention as appropriate.

Then over last 2 weeks, I noticed that messages pushed from the OVMS thru server to the iOS app, no longer seem to be handled as iOS notifications ? They will show up in the "messages" chat window in the App, but no longer appearing in the phones notifcaiton "stack".

Any ideas ?

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iOS app notifications stopped ?

Which OVMS server are you on?

I've forgotten where to check

I've forgotten where to check (in the site amdin page, I have the vehivle configred with ' * '  for 'all'...

But as of 8pm Pacific, I started getting them (at least one), again.

I'll monitor.

Thanks Dexter.

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