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Is the OVMS v3 still being produced?

I am based in Australia and keen to source an OVMS module for my MG ZS EV. As suggested on this website, I went to the FastTech website, but modules are showing up unavailable. When I contacted FastTech, they replied that:

We are sorry to tell that this item is discontinued. We have dedicated to searching for alternative suppliers but to no avail. 

So I'm wondering whether anyone can shed any light on this. Is the OVMS v3 still in production? I note that the European OpenEnergyMonitor lists them for sale, although they can't supply the US modem module (in Australia, my 3G provider uses 850 MHz / band 5). The US site seems very expensive.

Any help much appreciated!


Had the same experience with all 3 sites stating no stock

I'm in Melbourne and had the same issue as you back in Sep. All 3 sites had no stock, but both the US  and EUcsites came back saying they'd updated their listings and had plenty of stock. but by that stage I had purchased one directly from HK after raising a support case. I wasn't after a modem as I'd prefer to wait for the 4G version. Hopefully that will work with the v3 module. 

Awesome - thanks for the

Awesome - thanks for the quick reply @aidehuazi. Good point about the modem - a 3G version won't be useful for very long in Australia. Do you know anything about whether the OVMS project has plans to integrate a 4G modem?

On your comment that you were able to purchase a unit directly from HK - how did you go about doing this?

Thanks again.

Yes, of course, they do have

Yes, of course, they do have LTE-M version in development. Search this forum.

I opened a support case to purchase direct form hk


I opened a support case here https://www.openvehicles.com/support/openvehiclesAnd Mark responded almost immediately. As I was after the wifi only module , think us and Wu both have 3G versions, but as i prefer to wait for the 4G modem he was happy to ship me one from HK $99.50 USD. Shipping was $10 for standard surface which was ~30days , or $25 for 7 days but it's a smaller courier so it took nearly 3 weeks to get on a flight .....so ended up taking 24 days total , so I'd suggest trying surface. 

Thanks for the info. I think

Thanks for the info. I think I am going to do the same.

Did you attach a HUD? I've looked on Amazon Australia and there is many. Not sure which works best. I would like a HUD with current speed and battery percentage.


More interested in remote monitoring and control and getting my head around developing for new EV's, but may do in future, will follow with interest.


Awesome - thanks @aidehuazi - I'll give that a try.

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As we are transitioning to

As we are transitioning to new v3.3 4G capable modules (using SIM7600G global modem supporting 2G, 3G and 4G over global frequencies), most distributors are out of stock of the old 3G units. We are currently finalising certification for these new modules, and expect to have initial stock in the first half of December. The new 4G capable modules are about 10%+ more expensive than the old 3G.

If anyone urgently needs a module, we still have some stock of v3.2 base wifi and US modems. The EU modems are out of stock.

Note that the as well as new 4G kits (base modules + modem board), we will also be releasing v3.3 modem boards (SIM7600G, 2G/3G/4G, global frequency bands) for upgrading existing v3.x modules if you require.

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Is there a way to be notified

Is there a way to be notified when the 4G modems "hit the streets"? Maybe even a way to pre-order to ensure delivery ASAP?

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It will be announced here

It will be announced here when available, and the current estimate is the first half of December. We don't have a pre-order list, but perhaps if you contact your local distributor (Medlock in USA, or OEM in Europe), they can let you know when they get stock.

Once again we all thank you

Once again we all thank you for your amazing work. I look forward to the new module.


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