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Nissan Leaf 2014 Euro spec , two problems

I just installed OVMS and I'm having two kinds of problems, im not able to enable climate remotely with the app I get an error in the shell I (937149) v-nissanleaf: OLD TCU on EV Bus

I havent been able to find where the TCU is to unplug it, it's not behind the glove box like it states in the docs, im not sure what radio I have it at least has the NAV button on it and a backup camera, the car is a VISIA but has some upgrades not sure which as I'm not the first owner

second problem I'm having is the cellular connection looses connection as soon as the car is driven away from my house, as soon as it looses wifi it seems the cellular connection also disables, i've tried turning the wifi ap off and then it resumed on cellular but if the car is started and driven it will not work, any ideas?

Please specify

-Radio is usually a clarion qy-72??. Tekna 2014 has the qy-7221. Tekna >=2014 has - I believe - the clarion qy-8252. 7221 is not plug compatible with 8252. Cannot be swapped for other after market radio's without loosing at least pre.heating and max soc functionality. Suggestion: learn to live with the radio using your phone for most regular sound + navigation functions.

- please share a settings screendump from config/cellular. I took out a local SIM data subscription before getting everything to work properly.

Are you on the latest firmware?

I: took my unit out of our car and work on it hooked up to a usb power supply and our home WiFi connection until I was truely comfortable with all the menus and settings.

I got the remote climate

I got the remote climate working the other day without having to unplug any TCU which I didn't find, but now it refused to work and I don't know why , there seems to be very little places to get any information or help. I'd really want to get the remote climate working

If you mean the right hand

If you mean the right hand drive Leaf, it is in the exact same location as the left hand drive Leaf as seen in this video. It was linked of this page. Right or left hand drive, open the right door and above where your right foot rests and against the outer wall is the TCU.

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