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3G coverage was just turned off. My 2018 Leaf is now offline!

Hi Everyone,

The network providers in Denmark just turned off the 3G coverage on January 1st. This seems to have brought my 2018 Nissan Leaf (40kWh version) permanently offline. 

As far as I can figure out from reading the docs, this car model is not yet supported by Open Vehicles?

I'm guessing Nissan is not going to offer an upgrade to such an "old" car, so the big question is now, how do I get it back online?

If there's an ongoing effort to enable support for this model, how can I help?

Most of the information I

Most of the information I know of about the ZE1 is located here https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/issues/323

I have it working on my 2017 40kWh leaf, but it took some challenging wiring to make it happen (some details in that thread).

All Leafs from 2018 have 4G support?

We dont need more fake news in the world. It would appear that my 2018 40 kWh Leaf is now online with 4G via the standard TCU from Nissan. All it needed was a restart.

Nissan themselves are not really clear which Leafs have 4G, they wrote that "All Leaf MY18 with a sim-card have 4G".

My 2018 Leaf DID go offline after New Years, as 3G was turned off by the network providers. I disconnected the 12V battery for 10s to reset the TCU and when it came alive again, everything seems to work and the "Nissan EV" app on my iPhone now works faster than it did before, returning the battery level for example.

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