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Volkswagen Passat GTE (2017)

I think about using OMVS to connect my car to HomeAssistant/EVCC
I only found VW e-UP as supported.
How do I find out what would be supported with my car?

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How do I find out what would

How do I find out what would be supported with my car?

Sorry, but if your specific car is not listed as supported then likely it would not work at all with OVMS. Every car is different, and requires specific support. We have tried to do some generic support with (XX track and OBDII generic), but that doesn't work very well with modern EVs.

Tested yesterday that at

Tested yesterday that at least SoC info from HV battery can be reseived from same call on e-Golf and Passat GTE as on e-Up so it may be preatty similar other way too. I'm planing to build my own OVMS HW and test this more on e-Golf and Passat GTE. Currently having just small DIY esp32-c3 HW to play a gound. 

How have you build with the

How have you build with the esp-idf 3.3 a working OVMS image for the esp32-c3 that is supported starting from esp-idf version 4.3 onwards?

No just played with ESPHome

No just played with ESPHome CAN-BUS commands and pulled SoC from e-Golf from same way as on e-Up on OVMS. Same is working on Passat GTE but there is a long way to full e-Golf or Passat GTE support. I thought that there is more common but lets see. Read about e-Golf support is atleas tried to do based on e-Up but nothing on main branch. I'm now just learning to build development environment for OVMS. Looks really good so hope I can contribute on project.

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