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Nissan Leaf support

Hi! I was wonder if you are planning to make a support for Nissan Leaf since I know this could be very popular module for Leaf users in Norway as many of them import US version with not working telematic unit in Europe (inclu. me :))

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No support for Nissan Leaf at

No support for Nissan Leaf at the moment, but we have one Nissan Leaf user in the UK working on trying to get OVMS working with his car.

I would be a interested in

I would be a interested in the Leaf version as well.


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Understood. We'll announce

Understood. We'll announce something here when we get progress.

I'm in the UK and have a Leaf

I'm in the UK and have a Leaf Acenta. I'd also be very interested to see a Leaf version. I'm an electronics engineer, but unfortunately have no coding experience. I have the OVMS module working and communicating via Android App and SMS. So could easily do some testing if required?

Another UK Leaf

Hi, I was wondering what the current state of the Leaf firmware is as there doesn't seem to be a list/grid of features vs. models anywhere that I've found.

What features does it have on a Leaf?
What features is it missing (over a Tesla & Twizzy)?

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We don't currently have any

We don't currently have any Nissan Leaf support. We are working on it.

Definitely interested in LEAF

Definitely interested in LEAF support. I have a 2014 LEAF S (US trim). At minimum, battery level and start of charge (Charging, Complete, Unplugged) would be awesome. More is of course better!

At the moment, the GPS function works!

Thank you!

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