OVMS Development Kits Available

We are pleased to say that the first batch of OVMS hardware kits for developers is now available.

The development kits consists of:
- Version 1 OVMS controller board and expansion ports;
- Quad-band SIM900 modem board, customized for piggy back connectivity with the OVMS controller board;
- GSM car antenna with an approximately 4 feet long connection cord;
- Plastic case with customized support legs for secure installation of both OVMS and GSM boards; and
- Connection cable with diagnostic port connector for the Tesla Roadster.

OVMS Customized SIM900 Modem (with Antenna and Enclosure)

Current shipping status:
- The kit is in stock and ships in 3 working days. Log in to your order history page for an online tracking number, and then track your package here.

This page is for ordering the customized SIM900 GSM module.
Click here for the complete OVMS kit for Tesla Roadster.

Android App

The first betas for the Android App are now being released.

Requirements (for this beta) are:

  • Screen with WVGA (800 x 480) or higher resolution (future release will support lower res screens)

  • Android OS 2.3.3 or higher (future release supports Android 2.2+)

The App only requires Internet Access permission only.

Press: Tesla Roadster Fans Design Their Own iPhone Monitoring App


Given the importance of Tesla's Roadster for changing the way the general public thinks about electric cars, it's a little strange that owners have been left in the dark as far as a dedicated smartphone app is concerned.