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Anyone got OVMS working in Australia / NZ in an MG eZS?

I've been working on getting OVMS set up with my eZS. So far: 

- Created accounts on openvhicles.com and ovsm.dexters-web.de. ​
- Created the same vehicle ID on both. 
- Set the OVSM Module Wifi SSID and password succesfully and connected it to my home wifi. The module sees the OVSM v2 server on either OVSM server (so both work, if selected). 
- Upgraded the firmware on the Module to the latest 'edge' build. I selected the "MG EV" as the model. Everything seems to be talking to everything. 
- Installed the Android app on my phone. I set up the MG eZS as the car, with the correct Server (cloud) and Module passwords. 
- The command shell on the Module (accessed view wifi) can see the phone app connecting and disconnecting. The log shows the Module sending and receiving information to the OVSM server in the cloud.
- installed a 16GB MicroSD and configured logging to the SDcard. 

But no matter what, the module status and the app can't see anything in the car other than the 12v battery. 

I'm wondering if the Australia / NZ eZS firmware is different......I'm getting nothing, despite all the required connections (Module to cloud, wifi, app, etc) clearly working. 

Has anyone seen an HV battery % in the app or status reported with OVMS in an A/NZ eZS? 

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this is the latest beta

this is the latest beta software


also follow this link below for more info and questions to Mike


Same experience with my Australian MG ZS EV

I have had a Nissan LEAF working fine with my OVMS module for many months, so I know I have the configuration correct.

I recently purchased an Australian MG ZS EV and have moved the OVMS module over to it today.

I have upgraded to the latest beta sotware (link just above), reconfigured for MG, restarted the OVMS, and like the OP, the OVMS can only see the 12v battery voltage, nothing else.

This seems to be whether charging or not.

My OVMS has an SD Card in it as well as SIM with working 3G service.

Very happy to help out with any logging/debug info that could assist.



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is the cable for the MG the

is the cable for the MG the same one as for the Leaf? I'm just pondering if there's different can buses that different cables will route to the OVMS module.

OBD cable for LEAF vs MG

Good question.

I'm using the same cable that worked fine in the LEAF, so if they are different, that could explain it .....

Yep, looking at the Fasttech cables, it does seem the LEAF one has a different pinout to the standard one. That probably explains my problem, thank you :-)

I will order a standard cable and report back how it goes.


Yes it's working for me too

MY problem was using the Nissan Leaf cable.

Like posted above, using the standard cable with OVMS works fine.

Web interface working

Have the right hand cable from fasttech and its working.  

1441200 OBD-II to DB9 Data Cable for OVMS right

I'm using a build of the firmware from 1st Jan I found here


Haven't setup the android app yet but I'll check those links you provided. 

Edit: Android app now working as well. 

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Hi, try the discussion board

Hi, try the discussion board at https://discourse.mymgzsev.com/ for the latest activities

http://fasttech.com/ DNS does not resolve... where to buy OVMS ?

I followed the fasttech.com links in the above comments, and they are broken. It looks like fasttech.com has shut down (they appear to have been an e-cigarette/vape retailer?).

I want to get my MG ZS (2022) connected to OVSM.

Where is a good place to buy a Base Connector kit for delivery to Australia?

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Currently, OVMS is available

Currently, OVMS is available from these two:


Fasttech was a general 'tech' online seller, but they shutdown some time ago.

Regards, Mark

Thanks Mark - that could be overkill for what I want to achieve

I want to have a OBD to WiFi gateway - just for my home WiFi- that plugs into my OBD port, without any cables or needing to have extra antennas for GSM or GPS comms.

Occasionally my car does not fully charge overnight, so I want to expose it's charge status over the OVMS API, so I can alert if it has stopped charging, what ever the reason.

I don't want to track my vehicle, nor send any real time data when it is away from my house. I was hoping to use something like the ELM327 WiFi Edition: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/314146689955

Or do I have to cough up the few hundred dollars, and wait a few weeks, for it to come from USA or UK?

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