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Leaf 2016-2017


I tried connecting the OVMS 3 unit to my 2016 Leaf.
The only thing I got working was the battery SOC (flapping between 133% and 30%)
It looks like the unit is sending pre-2016 CAN messages to the car.

I have done som extensive logging of my cars CAN-bus and have all the correct data that is needed to get the following to work:
Wake CAN
Climate control On
Climate control Off
Start Charging
Unlook doors
Lock doors
Instrument SOC
Chargeport open (will be next project)

I have implemented theese codes into a geolink unit, and it works by SMS-commands.
I would like to see this work on the OVMS V3 as well, but my coding skills are limited. I tried to compile the source code but get this error:
/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/vehicle/OVMS.V3/main/ovms_boot.cpp: In constructor 'Boot::Boot()':
/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/vehicle/OVMS.V3/main/ovms_boot.cpp:159:46: error: 'xt_set_error_handler_callback' was not declared in this scope

If some of you know how to fix it, please let me know.

If some of you are interested in the CAN-bus messages, let me know and I can provide it.

Kind regards

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I've passed on your message

I've passed on your message to the Leaf developers.


I tried to post to the mail list myself, but access denied.

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It would be helpful to see

It would be helpful to see logs from a 2016 Leaf; I've only looked closely at MY2015.
Most of the metrics are picked up by passive reading of existing bus traffic, e.g. SOC is calculated from the most significant 10 bits in 0x5bc. The code applies some scaling factors you will probably need to customize to get the right output.

btw, I have just been looking at the charge-port messages and see that two bits in the last-but-one byte of 0x50d change before the charge port door opens. I don't see any indication that the car knows when it is actually open.

Hi meiniac,

Hi meiniac,

I'm very sorry I haven't updated the Leaf parts of the OVMS manual. 2016 Leafs are supported with some configuration. It looks like you might have a 30kWh battery which, in theory, is also supported but you're probably the first to test it. I have a 2016 24kWh Leaf and everything works for me (almost).

Set the configuration option xnl.modelyear to 2016 to enable 2016 compatible remote commands:

config set xnl modelyear 2016

However you also have to unplug the TCU if fitted or it will override the OVMS module's messages. In previous model year cars, this hasn't caused any problems but in the 2016 model year they routed the handsfree microphone through the TCU and the microphone stops working when you unplug the TCU. You assistance in this matter is appreciated as I haven't had time to try to override the TCU using the OVMS.

Set the configuration option xnl.maxGids to the appropriate maximum gids for a 30kWh Leaf:

config set xnl maxGids 356

I have observed the SOC flapping with a v2 module in a 30kWh Leaf but we never got to the bottom of the problem, we found that the module was sending the SOC correctly and the server was not always sending the correct value to the app. It's possible the server doesn't like SOC above 100% and it will go away when you configure the maxGids correctly?

The xt_set_error_handler_callback error is because your esp_idf is out of date. You need the latest from https://github.com/openvehicles/esp-idf.git

Please join us on the mailing list if you can (I don't know why you would get permission denied).

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