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Check Supported Features for Smart ED3

Hi there,

recently I installed OVMS V3 on my Smart ED3 (451 from 2013).
I'm wondering why I get just %SOC and estim. range info in the Android App, while the list of supportet features says

SOC Display Yes
Range Display Yes
Speed Display Yes
Temperature Display Yes
BMS v+t Display Yes
Charge Status Display Yes
Charge Interruption Alerts Yes
Charge Control Current limit

Setup: OVMS V3.1 v3.2.002, App 3.1.10 (20190506101)

Could someone please explain if it normal that you can't see the additional features in the App, or not.

Beside the App, I'm wondering why the Web UI doesn't recognize an active charging process.


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The SmartED module is quite

The SmartED module is quite feature complete. What things are you _not_ seeing in the App?

Thank you markwj.

Thank you markwj.

I just saw 1. %SOC (I'm not sure if this was rSOC which should be for special usage only; I would prefer "user" %SOC as shown in the instrument) and 2. estimated range in the Androd App.

I didn't check all features, but MISSED during a charging session:
- Charge Status. Active Charging was not indicated in Android App view "Battery" (not sure where and what to expect exactly) and also not in Web UI (this one said "not charging" during charging).
- Temperature Display. Just find all 0°C values in App view "Car". I'm using the German localization for the App. User Dimitrie78 suggested to install 'edge' image but I'm just wondering why the features are not working in recent main version. For you reference please see the discussion in German goingelectric forum: https://www.goingelectric.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=84&t=11364&start=210#...

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The "main" release tag is for

The "main" release tag is for stable versions, and is normally updated once a month or so. The "eap" release tag is for early access to "main" releases (these have the same updated schedule as "main", but are a few days to a week earlier). The "edge" release tag is for bleeding edge nightly builds - this is the latest code.

Typically for stable car support (such as Roadster, Twizy, etc) these don't change much and you can normally use "eap" or "main". For vehicles in active development (such as Smart), you can either wait for the support to come to main/eap, or switch to "edge" and get the latest code as the developers work on it.

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> I'm just wondering why the

> I'm just wondering why the features are not working in recent main version

Because they were written in the past few weeks, after the main version was released (a month or so ago). The Smart vehicle support is under very active development.

IMHO the main image tag 3.2

IMHO the main image tag 3.2.002 holds just quite old file versions in invehicle_smarted folder (b2a97d6 from 2019-01-11) as the newest commit b084738 from 2019-03-30 reverts 2 previous commits. There are 63 commits and about 3950 changed lines in this folder since tag 3.2.002.

Cabin Pre-conditioning

Can anyone please confirm (or otherwise) that OVMS supports cabin pre-conditioning in the Smart ED3 (451) when plugged in and charging, but with the 'ignition' turned off and the car locked?

Cabin Pre-conditioning

Hi gtwibell,

yes it will work.
But you need to wire the EV-CAN from the old KOM-Modul to OVMS CAN1. This is needed for wake up the car bus.
the funktion change the departure time (in the "charge and depart menu").

in the german forum i sell an adapter for that.

That looks great. Can you

That looks great. Can you tell me where on the car the KOM module is located please?

The KOM module is located

The KOM module is located under the glove compartment


Roald Nakstad
Cabin preheat on battery also possible?

I wonder if the car ignition is turned on, would it start the preheat? Is there a description/drawing how to wire OVMS to control ignition and door lock remotely?


Good monring. I would like to increase  (set up) recuperation in my Smart Ed 2015. Does anybody know if it is possible?

Thank you all


Yes for sure.

Yes for sure.

Most easy is to upgrade to a paddle steering wheel and coding of the function in CEPC ECU, but it seems also possible only to add a resistor and coding it. Thomas has add a functionnin the ED3 Branche to increase and decrease the recuperation by this. 

An other solution is to use the Steinbauer kit. There is one for increase recuperation only. Here you need to add the device to.the CAN Bus close to the drive Inverter.

There will be several more features possible in the near future.


Very interesting. thank you for answer me.

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