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MG eZS Support

I'm keen to help with adding support for the MG eZS. Is anyone else interested? Has anyone got access or an order placed for an MG eZS? Getting access to the car for testing will be the main issue. Please contact me if interested, financial support may be available to help with development.

It looks like a rather interesting EV, Saic Chinese built with a decent battery size and very competitive price.

There is a lot of excitement regarding the launch of this EV in the UK, pre-orders have sold out. In Europe (unlike in Asia) the MG eZS is not due to come with mobile app support, there is a lot of people keen to add third party OVMS app support.



Hi Glyn,

I have one reserved and I am very interested in getting OVMS running with it. I've no idea when I'll have it but happy to test on it so throw my name into the hat if you need any testing doing. I'm assuming it can be done remotely and no risk to the car itself? :)

progress so far...

Mike Abbott has been making good progress obtaining CAN access and starting the process of reverse decoding the MG eZS working towards adding OVMS support. Here is his progress so far, help with decoding is much appreciated, please get involved if you're interested:

Write up of work done so far:

CAN ID Decoding spreadsheet

Captured logs:

Gateway module pinout:

OBD port can fd?

Looking at the obd decoding work done so far, the data rate switch from 500 to 800 observed looks like that might be a CAN FD frame?

MG ZS EV Support

Hi Glyn Yes I'm interested. Seems that this is another manufacture which deems it not to be a requirement in the UK!

My ZS EV isn't due for delivery due to trim and colour combo until end of Feb 2020. I let go my eNiro when delivered this month in favour of sticking with the MG alternative only to realise later when reading the Manual pdf how much which is standard EV equipment is just not there in the ZS EV. Things like timed charging and preconditioning or even running the HVAC when in a Rapid charge bay!

Hopefully, there will be third party support for not only monitoring but activation within the next few months because there will be an awful lot of these ZS EVs out there on the roads in the next 6 to 12 months.

Help to get ovum’s support

I should be getting my car by 10 Jan 2020
What will you need ?

Any update on mg zs ev

Any update on mg zs ev

Hi, I started a new thread

Hi, I started a new thread for the MG ZS EV before I realised you'd already started one :-). My car arrives tomorrow (31st Jan) and again I'm very keen to help with getting OVMS ported. I've ordered my OVMS hardware, which should arrive in the next week, so I'll be all set to start testing :-)


Hi All

Just wondering if there are people working on MG support. Have received one just 2 weeks ago, could possibly help. Let me know shell i buy a device and what extras i would need.

Many Thanks

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willing to help

Is there some way I can help? I have an OBD2 bluetooth adaptor, and I can connect a Raspberry Pi to it and log data.

I tried with TorquePro on android app and it only seemed to get two measurements and both entirely wrong (speed and revs).


Launch Diag software or X431PRO with complete database 2017/2018 onwards (including CHINESE CARS - in our case MG (SAIC)) will let You to scan/control body ECU, restrains, HVAC and some other stuff - this means You can open/close windows, turn on/off HVAC, adjust fan speed and temperature or have value reading from these units. This means that we could potentially have a device/software (OVMS) talking to the car and controlling some functions - only thing we need to use right communication protocol and send the right request to the right ECU. As i had only Launch/X431PRO S3 with database til summer 2019, i could not talk to BMU (battery management unit) as MG ZS EV was non officially existing at that moment.

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That sounds very promising.

That sounds very promising. It will most likely be an OBDII style request-response poll.

If you use an OBDII T or Y cable, connecting both OVMS and your diagnostic tool at the same time, you should be able to log the requests/responses (so long as they are over CAN bus).


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Can you share info on device and software please?

I am planning to work out on the EV and mobile connectivity options, So would like to know what connector and Port does MG, Tata, Hyundai, Mahindra & Hyundai have to get data from EV.

What data is available from EV when connected, is it like regular ICE cars.



This picture proves that newer version of software i mentioned previously is working perfectly well over main OBDII connector. Still have not received OBDII Y cable splitter so can not take any logs live using my OVMS yet. I'm not a software developer so any help with rest of it once have logs is welcome.


Many Thanks



Hi Artur,

Hi Artur,

I would love to know what hardware and software you using to see the live BMS info, just about to place an order for the OVMS unit 


Hi all I now have a ovms unit

Hi all I now have a ovms unit and is connected successfully to my MG 

has anyone having any luck getting data from the car into the app yet?

I would like to connect my MG to my phone, how can it be done?

I would like to connect my MG to my phone, how can it be done? 

I trust you programmers, waiting for an update from you

Hope you crack this canbus :-)

Any updates on this

Any further updates please is there chance of getting it working job in progress rogress. Or  is it just not possible to work out

Progress Sharing


I want to buy sniffing (CAN bus) device for the eZS, can some one recommend one (I dont think that the ovms is a good sniffer, but it is good platform for future use).

Please share your progress so we can accelerate our work together. (Finding the right CAN bus ETC...)

The most nedded function for me is to start the AC remotly because the crappy windshild not filltering UV, and monitoring the battery status ETC....

I familiar with Mike Abbott work, unfortunately he is unreachable.

Helping out

Willing to help out where I can, have the ovms connected to the car, now just a idiots guide in how I can help ;-)

Hi Shane,

Hi Shane,

you need to sniff the car protocol after changes:

for example:

Start sniffing and press on the AC (on/off) switch in the car for 5 times then stop sniffing.

Look in the log of the sniff and search for 5 changes. (you can verify it for couple of times to be sure).

Then you can inject it via OVMS platform and see if it start the AC of the car.

It is just straight forward if everything is connected right and with no obstacles in the car protocol.

I don't have OVMS yet, but i will buy one after i have the right codes,I think i will purchase dedicated can bus sniffer tool befor i purchase OVMS.


Hi Tom, 

Hi Tom, 

like I said an idiots guide would be good. Logging I think I can manage sending anything found to the car may prove A bit more difficult ;-)

Adding OBD2 for torque app or OVMS

I have added instructions for OBD2 port that can be connected to regular ODB2 decoder (or OVMS)

Thanks, too bad the picture

Thanks, too bad the picture is not sharp nor in any kind of Language which uses the alfabet. A translation in English and a sharp picture would be very welcome. 

Cable instructions.


I have uploaded DIY cable instructions.


Breakout Lead Not Necessary for 90% of Function

Hi Everyone, its Mike here, the guy behind most of the hacking so far on the MG.

I would say at this point the breakout lead may not be necessary for most users, its really useful for the hacking but pratically what most people want can be achived via diagnostic PID requests via the OBD port. I have used the Launch ThinkDIAG tool to decode a lot of these, and will be happy to share any more I find: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cs_8YQVGERspQiPMMY5yFpfLYoyH7UEP30oKzrMk35g/edit#gid=1350507500



Hello all!! I'm a new member and writing from Cuba, sorry about my English...I just looking for help about SAIC MG3 to be calibrated concerned to AMT/e-shift...any software wich can allow me to do that via OBD2 port using ELM327 Bluetooth...thanks!!!

Recently installed OVMS

My car had the bad BMS update then updated to latest Jan BMS (so car now showing 449v at full charge). When battery full OVMS is showing only 95%, Ideal Range 155 miles but Estimated Range 7 miles. I was under the impression that the Estimated range would increase and become more accurate after a number of journeys but having now driven since OVMS install about 300 miles in about 6 trips it hasn't changed.

Also strange that my OVMS shows temperature as degF not in degC as I had expected and can't see where or how to change this.




yes that one of the problems with the jan update! i have been working on a solution for this and have a tempory fix, the problem lays in the PID for the range is not in stored KM any more, i have not had much time lately to do any further tests, ive been working on it on the MG hackers slack forum and there is a link to my test firmware there https://mgevhackers.slack.com/archives/C01J0877TPU 

and i have a spreadsheet for people to help test here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jPhV2Q2WM3FHz8nfSXEumu53tutE4fLBk4FVUUoYqC0/edit#gid=0 and the links are there to just make sure you load the correct version A01 or EU1 depending on what they loaded in your car

see you on slack if you need any help


Shane, thank you for the

Shane, thank you for the update.


Does the OVMS integration with ABRP use the 'Ideal Range' or 'Estimated Range' - as my car has the new BMS and shows the Estimated range totally incorrect, is it worth me trying to install the integration or will it be just be useless if it relies on Estimated range. I am not confident in using the temporary fix firmware from the slack forum. I am not that confident to install the ABRP integrtation  either, so would I best avoid trying to install ABRP integration until there is a final released OVMS  erosion for the January BMS uodate? Thanks in advance.

Hi, as far as im aware ABRP

Hi, as far as im aware ABRP does not use either ideal or estimated, it has its own formulars for calculating range based on SOC so you should be good to go, 

the problem with ovms support is the range in no longer stored in any ecu so its a work in progress for the forseable future, but i can push though a version based on the SOC alone for the time being if its of any help, but downloading from the link i gave you before would be exacly the same



Thanks again

Shane, I managed to install the ABRP link today and it is all working fine, showing live SOC. thanks again.

I think I will wait for a any new updated version and put up with my SOC reading about 5% low due to the BMS issue.



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