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Send live data to abrp

You probably know abetterrouteplanner.com
It is probably the best tool to plan a route, and to optimize where to charge.
It has a live function, which allows to adjust with the real consumption of the vehicle, by connecting an obd device and soft like EVNotify or Torque Pro.

Why not having this function with OVMS?

On abrp forum, it is explained how to send data:

What do you think?

Sounds like a great idea,

Sounds like a great idea, although I’m not the one who can contribute in programming, unfortunately.

When this works, does it mean I would get updated ABRP-data on my phone through the ABRP servers, or through direct communication between my phone and the OVMS plug?

It means once it will work,

It means once it will work, you can launch abrp on your phone, and follow your route and consumption and next stop to charge in this website- app like.

That is the functional answer

That is the functional answer. I was looking for the technical answer: what is the data flow, from where to where? Does the OVMS plug communicate with the ABRP server(s) or with the phone or tablet where ABRP is running?

Yes you're right.

Yes you're right.
Technically, OVMS box will send data directly to abrp server-side through 3g/4g link. No direct info from OVMS to the phone running client-side, as it is not an existing functionality I am aware of.

abrp live data using scripting ?

Maybe we could use scripting to do it?

We could use part of this java code: https://github.com/g4rb4g3/ABRPTransmitter/blob/master/app/src/main/java...

I finally found a way

Using the web plugin of OVMS web server, I am able in JavaScript to get vehicle data and send it to abrp.
I will test it tomorrow with a real travel to see how it works.
Unfortunately, it is not through the OVMS embedded script functionality.

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I just pushed the first implementation of a HTTP API:


Included in edge build version 3.2.008-147-g73ae2d19 on my server (dexters-web.de), will be in edge on openvehicles.com within 24 hours.

Testing & feedback is welcome.


something new to test

wonderfull :-) something new to test now.
I'll keep you informed, thank you

Reference error

Hello dar63, thank you for your great work. I installed the script as descripted. Only i get the error indentifier 'abrp' undefined. Any idea how to resolve this?

Hi, when your follow the

Hi, when your follow the instruction in the doc. https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/tree/ma...
And copy past the
add to /store/scripts/ovmsmain.js:
abrp = require("sendlivedata2arbp");

there is a typo, it should be:
abrp = require("sendlivedata2abrp");


Yes, i deed find the typo too. When i fixed the typo. The error was gone. Thanks

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Still not working

Hello. I followed the instruction on plugins side... created files, enter my_token, change car_model.

In OVMS I type Message: script eval abrp.info() and it turn me just OK.

Any idea? Anybody manage to conect OVMS to ABRP? 

Best regards, Joze



I am very sorry it doesn't work yet for you; of course I tried, but not since they changed the look and feel.

Let me try again and make it work, I will try this week and come back with answers I hope ;-)

kindly regards


work with abrp developer

Hi @instrukcije,

You're right, I tried to run my utility with abrp, using 'script eval abrp.onetime()', and I have as a reply a message '401 unauthorised'.

I am discussing now with the api developer, Jason, and we'll try to understand what is happening now.

I'll keep you informed.


Hello again,

Hello again,

You were right, there was a bug, following a change in the abrp server. JAson had fixed it.

So please find more explanations and screen copies to see how it works.

To install the plugin ABRP (https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/plugin/abrp/README.html), you can simply use the editor of the embedded web server of the OVMS module. This editor will allow you to paste the plugin code from the documentation, and also to configure your own token and car model that you will find in th abrp website (in classic mode, https://abetterrouteplanner.com/classic ).

Don’t forget also to create/modify the ovmsmain module as described in the OVMS documentation.

Finally reboot your OVMS module.

You’re now ready. Test it with the shell page in the embedded web server using the command script eval abrp.info() and then with the command script eval abrp.onetime(). You can also do it with the mobile app. https://pasteboard.co/J47BzNs.jpg 

This was a one-time configuration. Done

Now your journey will start ;  you want to launch this plugin and send live data to abrp, you can simply launch it from the mobile app, in the ‘Messages’ window: write the command in the text box: script eval abrp.send(1)

start sending data: https://pasteboard.co/J47CXys.jpg 

abrp live data: https://pasteboard.co/J47zyvG.tiff 

shell in embedded web server: https://pasteboard.co/J47Cmvh.tiff 

To stop sending data when you arrived: write the command in the text box:  script eval abrp.send(0)

stop sending data : https://pasteboard.co/J47AbZ1.jpg


Ok I hope it could help you


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Thanks, but I still got

Thanks, but I still got message: 

ERROR: ReferenceError: identifier 'abrp' undefined (line 1)

when I start script eval abrp.info().

What am I doing wrong? 






Try to change the quota char

Try to change the quota char in omvmain.js

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Working yesss

Thanks yessmiley, working now.

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