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Modem stopped working?


I've been using OVMS successfully for about a month now. Everything used to work great, but now somehow my modem does not connect to the internet anymore. I've checked the SIM in another device and it is working normally.

This is the output from the log. Any ideas?

W (672062) simcom: 3 minutes since last MUX rx frame - assume MUX has failed
I (672062) gsm-ppp: Shutdown (direct)
I (672062) gsm-nmea: Shutdown (direct)
I (672062) gsm-mux: Stop MUX
I (672062) simcom: Power Cycle
I (673062) simcom: State: Enter PoweringOn state
I (673062) simcom: Power Cycle

I (674062) netmanager: Set DNS#1
I (674072) netmanager: Set DNS#2

I (680072) simcom: State: Enter PoweredOn state

I (683322) simcom: SIM card PIN code required
I (683322) simcom: Using PIN code "3373"

I (700072) simcom: State: Enter MuxStart state
I (700072) gsm-mux: Start MUX
I (700082) gsm-mux: Channel #0 is open
I (700082) gsm-mux: Channel #1 is open
I (700092) gsm-mux: Channel #2 is open
I (700102) gsm-mux: Channel #3 is open
I (700102) gsm-mux: Channel #4 is open
I (701062) simcom: State: Enter NetWait state
I (701062) gsm-nmea: Startup

This keeps repeating...

Thank you very much!
Alex Lange

OVMS# module summary

  Version:  3.2.015/ota_0/main (build idf v3.3.2-881-g22d636b7b Sep  2 2020 08:3                                                        2:35)
  Hardware: OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/1
  12v:      0.0v

SIMCOM Modem Status
SIM card PIN code required.
  Network Registration: NotRegistered
  Signal: -83 dBm
  State: NetWait
    Ticker: 44
    User Data: 0
    HW FIFO overflows: 0
    Buffer overflows: 0
    Status: up
    Open Channels: 4
    Framing Errors: 0
    Last RX frame: 36 sec(s) ago
    RX frames: 26
    TX frames: 10
  PPP: Not connected
  GPS: Connected on channel: #1
     Status: enabled
     Time: enabled

    dbc: no
    egpio: no
    ext12v: no
    init: yes
    modem: yes
    scripting: yes
    server.v2: yes
    server.v3: no
    vehicle.type: KN
    wifi.mode: apclient
    wifi.ssid.ap: OVMSKona
    wifi.ssid.client: Yu
    apn: pinternet.interkom.de
    enable.gps: yes
    enable.gpstime: yes
    enable.net: yes
    enable.sms: yes
    pincode: 3373
    cfgversion: 2020053100
    init: done
    server: ovms.dexters-web.de/firmware/ota
    module: **redacted**
    server.v2: **redacted**
    server: ovms.dexters-web.de
    tls: yes
    fingerprint: ARMFpemNhnfTxUn9Kt+5aRYnlI28PEpNFr8rmickEsQ
    key: **redacted**
    bms.alerts.enabled: no
    id: OVMSKona
    units.distance: K
    OVMSKona: **redacted**
    Yu: **redacted**


Hmm, looks like this was some

Hmm, looks like this was some connection issue with the antenna. I've unplugged the modem board and checked the antenna connections, reassembled everything and it started right away again...

never mind :)

Same issue again

Same issue again crying

Looks like my GSM signal Quality has significantly degraded since the device was new. Already tried a different antenna and checked the internal connections. But I can barely get any connections.

Any suggestions?

stesso problema anche per me

stesso problema anche per me ed è il secondo modulo!

stesso problema anche per me

stesso problema anche per me ed è il secondo modulo!

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Try swapping the internal GPS

Try swapping the internal GPS / GSM antenna cables (so swap them on the modem board, and then swap the external antennas as well). That will tell you if there is some issue with the internal cables or their connections.

I've already tried this. It

I've already tried this. It did not help. Also checked all connections with a multimeter and they seem OK.

I guess something is wrong with the modem board...

Any suggestions?

Any suggestions?

Otherwise I will try to get a refund. It is not working for me anymore.

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