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12 v shut-down issue

I have connected an ovms 3 module in the car. I turned on the 12 volt option in the software to prevent the battery from running down. After about 1 day the module shuts down because the battery voltage is too low. This is not a problem. However when the battery is charged and thus the voltage is higher than 12 volts the module does not turn on. A hard reset (unplugging the ODBII connector and plugging it back in) solves the problem temporarily. Until the voltage is too low again. How can I ensure that the module automatically starts up again when the voltage is sufficient?

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Please remove duplicate post (12v)

You need to replace the 12v battery.

Once you "kill" a lead-acid car battery, it's never the same again. If the resting voltage is <12v, you are wasting your time. The module issues are caused by the battery issues, not the other way around.

It's a brand new car. 

It's a brand new car. 
I know the risk if the resting voltage is too low. 
That's why I enabled this option in the software. 
The powerconsumption is too high. 
no need, but the module need to start up automatticaly when the voltage is above 12 volt. 

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