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Odd temperature numbers in iPhone app

I'm watching my car charge on the iPhone app, which is very cool. But the reported temperatures don't seem to be correct:

PEM: 107º F
MOTOR: 149º F

My car is in an indoor parking garage, so it's pretty cool down there. The Motor temp seems way high since the car has been just sitting for a long time. And the Battery temperature seems too low, since it has been charging @30amps for over an hour. Are these values swapped? Or is the liquid cooling that good?

Car: 1.2.7
App: 1.2.8

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We've checked these pretty

We've checked these pretty thoroughly, and they should match reality.

The only issue is that the temperature subsystem can go-to-sleep at times, but not normally when the car is charging. I suggest you double-check this by calling up the temperature graphs on the VDS in the car.

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Arrow in Location Tab

Can you confirm what the white arrow on Blue square is in the App's Location Tab? If I click on it it goes from a blue square to a grey square. What is the meaning of this?

Also, how often is the location information refreshed if I stay in that tab?


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That button works the same as

That button works the same as in the iPhone Maps app - it keeps the map centered on the vehicle's current location. It is normally best to leave it on, but if you are using groups you might want to turn it off.

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If no apps are connected,

If no apps are connected, location information is updated once every ten minutes.
If one or more apps are connected, location information is updated once every minute.
If one or more apps are connected, and the optional location streaming feature is turned on, location information is updated in real-time.

I had the same problem. It's

I had the same problem. It's just an app bug. It was showing me the wrong numbers, and I couldn't understand why. It was really strange, it was showing me 1010 degrees temperature, which is physically impossible. I didn't know how to fix it, I was really desperate, and I decided to see what does this number mean, and I have found this site https://www.sunsigns.org/angel-number-1010-meaning/  on the internet. It's about numerology and according to it every number is some kind of sign. I cannot prove it, but I believe in it. However, the app got updated and the problem disappeared once and forever

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Can you clarify what problem,

Can you clarify what problem, and what bug?

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