OVMS OBDII Cables now available

OVMS vehicle cables for connection to can-bus equipped OBDII vehicles are now available from our FastTech logistics partner. You can find them here:

OVMS OBDII Cable @FastTech

This cable connects the OVMS module to the vehicle CAN bus, via the industry standard OBDII socket. It is 1 metre in length, and uses a right-angle OBDII plug (J1962-M) to help with cable management and routing.

FastTech Launch Deals

FastTech (our China logistics partner) is having their grand opening, and for the next four weeks beginning Oct 17, 2012, FastTech will present an incredible deal every week to all new customers.

They aim to be your favourite electronics and gadgets store, and this week they have a 1-cent giveaway on a Clear Screen Protector for iPhone 5.

Vehicle Firmware 1.5.1

Vehicle firmware 1.5.1 has been built for all platforms and is now on github. You can download it directly from the github project:


The primary focus of this release has been adaptive reporting and simplifying provisioning.

Due to the drastic reduction in cellular data usage with this release, and improvements in cellular connection handling, this firmware is recommended for all end users.