Connecting the Twizy

A post on the twizyowners forum about timed charging the Twizy triggered Pieter to document his recent progress in Twizy and home automation hacking. In his post, he explains how he connected his Twizy to his home automation system, and controlled charging of the Twizy.

Happy Birthday, Open Vehicles

The OVMS github repository was created two years ago, on 2nd November 2011. Since then, there have been 845 commits to the repository, two sub-repositories created (for the iOS and Android Apps), a side-project spun off (CAN-RE-TOOL), and a whole lot of fun.

To celebrate this, we are going to be publishing some 'stories of OVMS' - highlighting some of the more inventive ways people are using OVMS. A lot of tinkering, hacking, and gluing together different frameworks.

If anyone has any story to share, please send it in. The more, the merrier.