A short update on OVMS

We are working hard on OVMS v3. The development environment for the microcontroller we chose for v3 has finally stabilised to a point where we can rely on it. There will be a new revision of hardware silicon around the end of 2017Q1 and we'll most likely try to time the first production releases of OVMS v3 to use that as soon as it is available. But, the good news is that we have the production development environments available now, and the CAN driver (although early beta) is working well. All the components are finally in place and usable.

Change of tmc.openvehicles.com server IP

The Server IP address for tmc.openvehicles.com has been changed, and the OVMS module ServerIP setting in your car needs to be changed to match.

We are also taking this opportunity to switch to using DNS names, rather than IP addresses.

We now recommend that you set parameter #4 (SERVERIP) on your cars to:


We also recommend that you change the corresponding OVMS server in your Android and iOS Apps to the same: