Change of server IP

The Server IP address for has been changed, and the OVMS module ServerIP setting in your car needs to be changed to match.

We are also taking this opportunity to switch to using DNS names, rather than IP addresses.

We now recommend that you set parameter #4 (SERVERIP) on your cars to:

We also recommend that you change the corresponding OVMS server in your Android and iOS Apps to the same:

Change of TMC server IP address

On 19th September 2015, we changed the server to a new IP address - Please make sure you are using this as your Server IP parameter.

The dns record for has been changed already, but may take a few hours to propagate.

You can reconfigure your car, from your registered phone by sms message "SERVER".

Cars connecting to the old server address will be auto-migrated to the new server, where possible.

v1.6.5 iOS App

Version 1.6.5 of the iOS App has been released to the Apple iTunes App Store.

Changes include bug fixes and minor enhancements:
* Fix to top and bottom white colour bars for iOS 6.1 and below
* Fix to parameter-out-of-range error when setting parameters in iOS 8.0.2
* Fix to feature-out-of-range error when setting features in iOS 8.0.2
* Change title to "Open Vehicles" (was "Open Vehicle") to better reflect our goals