OVMS v3.1 Production

Attn: All OVMS users

We are pleased to announce the availability of production volume for OVMS v3.1. The design has been finalised, and fasttech.com now has stock of production kits. Specifications, Pricing, and details, follow.

Bundle Kit: OVMS v3.1 module (US$90) + OVMS v3.1 modem (US$60)

Existing users: US$130 (uses US$20 Fasttech discount coupon code offered to all existing OVMS v1/v2 users)
New users: US$150.

OVMS v3 v3.1.004 Over-the-Air firmware update

OVMS kits have started arriving, and are being connected to cars. Approximately 1/3rd of the first batch of modules have already been installed and are connected to OVMS servers, with more coming online every day. The feedback you early users are providing is extremely helpful to the project, to smooth the way for future users, and is most appreciated.

1] Firmware Update