Getting Started with OVMS v3.1

A few pointers for those about to get started with OVMS v3.1.

Firstly, there is a short unboxing video on youtube. It gives a short overview of what is in the kit, and what you need to do to get started:

Work on the user guide has begun, but is just starting and the document is expected to evolve rapidly over the coming few weeks. You can always find the latest version here:

OVMS v3.1 First Batch sold out within 5 hours

The idea for this first production batch was to make this batch of 120, and get them in the field in the hands of developers and technical competent people; anything else, and the developers would most likely be swamped with dealing with support and installation issues. The plan then is to wait a couple of weeks to ensure no hardware issues (either design or production), and if ok, then to proceed with a larger second batch.