v1.6.2 iOS App

Version 1.6.2 of the iOS App has been released to the Apple iTunes App Store.

Changes include bug fixes and minor enhancements:
* iOS 8 Support
* iOS 7 Push Notification improvements
* Check for bad responses from weather api
* Revisions to volt and ampera map images
* New map images for ampera and volt
* Thinkcity images added to project

OVMS TMC server change of address

Short story:

So long as your vehicle is online and connected, you don't need to do anything. But please expect a short outage of OVMS services around 13:00GMT on 9th September 2014.

Long story:

For the past few years, TMC (Tesla Motors Club) have kindly sponsored OVMS use of a server hosted in the USA. They have recently moved this server to a new address, which means that we must also migrate OVMS users over to the new address.

The old address is and the new address is

Android App v3.2.2 released to Google Play

The latest v3.2.2 of the Android App has been released to google play. This version sees us switch to use google play services and v2 of the maps api. It also sees the integration of Open Charge Map released to everyone. Finally, the server to be used is now configurable on a per-vehicle basis (and defaults to tmc.openvehicles.com).