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Progress on remote heater starter


Any progress on Kia E-Niro functionality? Especially excited about remote heating function.

Progress on remote heater starter

Remote heater (without car connected to a charger) is possible via the UVO-app in the new e-Soul, so it could also work with the e-niro.
Maybe we could trace the commands on the CAN from the UVO app, so we can implement it in OVMS?
Is a develope active for the e-Niro?

Really hope to see some more

Really hope to see some more progress on e-Niro. Kia UVO app provides the desired functionallity, however it's not avaliable in my country by MY19. Is only offered on MY20.
This is by far the most important feature. If remote heating is getting developed, I'm getting OVMS.

Mising remote heating feature

Mising remote heating feature is the only thing that is holding me back from buying ovms, I still might buy it later on.

I would get OVMS in a heart

I would get OVMS in a heart beat if it was capable of precondition the car. Also it would be amazing to be able to change charge settings from the app. None of the charge settings can be modified right now right?

reply - OVMS and MG

The e-Niro doesn't have editable charge settings, as far as anyone knows. The on-board AC charger simply responds to the max. available current indicated by the EVSE (wall "charger") and draws that much current at 240V (mains supply). Any scheduling, current limiting etc. will need to be done by the EVSE itself. I have an Ohme charger, which schedules according to the Octopus Agile tariff cheapest periods. The benefit of a vehicle app (hopefully provided by OVMS) would be for the charger to read current state of charge from the vehicle. This would mean accurate charging to the level set by the user, using only the very cheapest periods.

Not sure I follow you. You

Not sure I follow you. You can edit from the car the charge limit both for AC and DC charging and also the intensity. You can set it to low - medium or max.

Ah, didn't know that...

Sorry, I was working from ignorance - didn't realise you can throttle the charging rate at the car (not sure why you would, but it's good to know you can). Normally you leave the car settings at "maximum" and use the charger app to set whatever rates you want.

Remote heating

If it will support remote heating i would buy it in an instant.....

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